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Open Letter to All Flickr Users from, a NY Photography startup is joining,,,,,, and many others who are raising awareness about the fact, that the World’s Largest Photo Sharing Platform, Flickr, is just about to start deleting user-generated content from their servers.
For more information read fine print on the “Looking Ahead” page:

We are confirming, that it does look like content deletion will take place on February 5th, 2019. Our countdown clock is visualizing how much time people have left to backup their files before the file recovery cut off time. What will happen to the “likes”, “comments”, and other information related to deleted content, and how this content will be treated in general, is still unclear.

We are helping flickr to raise awareness because we understand, how hard it is for them to communicate company news and updates when statistically, more than 90% of their users don’t open flickr emails. Historically, flickr allowed new signups only with Yahoo emails, so all email addresses that the company has on file today - are all outdated yahoo email accounts, all 100% of them. Statistically, only less than 10% of people today are still using Yahoo Mail.



We are worried about flickr users who didn’t receive the “memo” and just about to lose some important files only because they didn’t know about the upcoming changes.

Our message is simple; People, log into your flickr accounts and download a backup with your photos and videos. Tell your followers about the photo-recovery cut off time for free accounts with over 1,000 photos. Because when your memories are gone, they gone forever.

It's better to be safe than sorry.

Some Flickr users are starting looking for alternative service. This is why,, a New York based photography startup is inviting all Flickr users to try, test, and enjoy the new service by giving away a one-week, no obligation Free Trial with the promo code “FLICKR”. If you like the service and want to stay, promotional code “FLICKR” automatically gives you a 50% membership discount bringing membership cost down to only $2.50/month.

This is how we see it; We do a good job serving community, and you, guys, buy us a cup of medium coffee at the end of the month.

Flickr and PhotoALBM are different.

Flickr makes emphasis on online image hosting and uses traditional, printed on paper, photo books to display and showcase photographs.

List of all active photo-sharing websites, According to Wikipedia

PhotoALBM VS Flickr

PhotoALBM, also, serves as image hosting service but, unlike Flickr, it takes photographs completely paperless providing a much better viewing experience while saving time, money, and the planet. Follow this link for more details.

PhotoALBM is a free photographers directory that lets any professional photographer to get listed at no additional charge by creating a well-structured DBC (Digital Business Card) that has all important information such as professional portfolios, geographic location, links to the website, social media accounts, contact info, and pricing.



PhotoALBM is an integral part of a Smart Home Entertainment System because it removed photographs from paper restrains and put them where they belong – bright and vivid big-screen monitors and TVs through the use of inexpensive and already available in every home plug-and-play streaming devices such as Roku, Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, Chromecast, Apple TV, or any HDMI cable.

“PhotoALBM is really cool. Imagine the unforgettable feeling when you dim the lights, get popcorn, sit back, relax, click PLAY and see your beautiful wedding, newborn, or a vacation photos, like a feature movie, on a huge TV screen for the first time in your life…”, says Michael, one of our members.

Our service is built on the principles of human-centered design and, therefore, well organized and so easy to use, that your parents can do it all by themselves without calling you for help. It is driven by Artificial Intelligence, has no limitations, can be viewed on a big screen TV from anywhere in the room and can be instantly shared with a click of a button. It has background music, different viewing modes and animations; it is updatable, editable, and it is always with you because it lives in Amazon Cloud.

PhotoALBM is an instant photo blogging platform because when you upload photos, the system, automatically, creates an elegant blog page all by itself, without you lifting a finger. All you need to do is to type text between the photos. Voila!
It's just that simple.

What you see in the initial release is only the tip of the iceberg. We have a clear vision of where we are going and already have a roadmap of how to get there. Many exciting and innovative features are being currently developed and we are thrilled about introducing them in a very near future. We are determined to build a DisneyLand for photographers and memory lovers based on your real needs. We are here to serve the community by giving proper business, marketing, presentation tools and enhancements. WE are HERE to make your life just a little bit better, easier, and more enjoyable. Thanks!

PhotoALBM Team

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